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Pallets-R-Us, Inc.'s environmentally friendly remanufactured pallets are constructed of reclaimed lumber.   Pallet recycling is environmentally and economically smart.   Concerned companies, like Pallets-R-Us,   recognize the need to better care for our planet and provide customers with economical  solutions.  Our goal is not only to safeguard the environment, but also to provide our customers with practical, cost effective ways to recycle. 

Remanufactured Pallets Can Benefit Your Company In Many Of These Ways:

By Saving Time & The Planet too.

With Hundreds Of Different Sizes Available.

With a Savings of 30% over New Pallets & Skids


Pallets-R-Us's pallets are manufactured with the same
quality and attention to detail as our new pallets, only
without the cost of new wood.

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